W/WdWB?: B/A | 2018



Wear/Where do We Belong?: Below/Above consists of two concurrent interwoven site-interactive/ performative projects, materializing narratives of space and time and coinciding with the Narva Urban Lab, August 24-25 2018, in Narva, Estonia.

Below, situated in the cavernous basement of the Narva Art Residency, is equal parts: repository for textile and material findings discovered while in residency and hangout space for a gang of tricksters affectionately known as A Band Called Kreenholm.

Above, an open-air performance occurring at night on the park like grounds of the Residency and featuring the band who collectively “discover” a Soul Clock and the two giant Birds who act as the “Regulators” fated to circle a bonfire until it dies releasing the Birds from their duty.

Participation in the residency was made possible by grants from Canada Council for the Arts and Arts Nova Scotia.

Photos: Ingel Vaikla

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