Sitsi 3-9

Sitsi 3-9


Sitsi 3-9 is a series of weaving studies made during a self-directed art residence based in Kohila, Estonia. The colour pallet is taken from memories of construction paper as interpreted by contemporary interior wall paint colours. The industrial paper weavings are made on a handcrafted countermarch loom. 

Installed in Sitsi 3-9, an apartment in a log structure building in North Tallinn (circa 1906; analogous in age to the loom) at the start of a lengthy renovation process. The works and interior echo and communicate an interplay of pallet, material and form. Revealing layers of meaning and shared history of craft, architecture, design and art through the (un)covering of materialized envelopes. Connecting elements of ‘tapestry’, painting, wallpaper with structures beneath the surface, analogous with the spirit of intimate spaces.

Photos: Kulla Laas

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