Selkie Skin

Selkie Skin


Selkie: a mythical creature, half seal/half human. Characterized by a feeling of never being content, neither on land, nor sea. Echoing, somewhat, the current dis-ease I feel. This narrative seeks to increase awareness of fast fashion choices humans make on-land, having a silently destructive impact on water ecologies. 

Selkie Skin: or what to wear when floating in the Gulf of Finland. Was part of the Imaging Godzilla. SOLU/ Bio Art Society Art Residency, Helsinki, Finland. Taking place aboard the catamaran Godzilla, the coastline, islands and littoral zone of the Helsinki Archipelago. 

Crafted from waste plastic, this garment invites the wearer to float in a state of contemplation and heightened awareness. Suspended in this way the ears fill with water changing, for a time, how one listens and hears with(in) the element of water.

Photos: Till Bovermann, Andrew Best-Dunkley, Andrew Gruf Paterson

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